Technical Details

Technical Details

Door dimensions; Size:200 cm Width:90 cm Casing:18-24 cm (adjustable)
Door casings 1,5 mm CCR-6112 Eregli A-1 DKP sheet metal, Secil brand rubber seal, lock counter parts will be manufactured in the form of burying them in the sheet metal.
Door wings are 1.5 mm CCR-6112 Ereğli A-1 DKP sheet, wing inner complex panel and it is reinforced with 5 pieces of 10 cm lenghts. The thickness of the shelf is 7.5 cm.
Our doors are manufactured in TSE standards. Our factory has ISO 9001-2000 Certificate, Service Qualification Certificates.
Door timber can be manufactured as first class walnut relief wood. (Depending on the type of coating, Alpi coating laminate coating, walnut rustic coating etc. can be varied.)
Filled with stone wool in 6 danste thickness for wing heat and sound insulation.
Our case and wings are painted in a static paint facility with 200-220 C Conveyor spray and washing line.
Door metal paints are POLYESTER STATIC and guaranteed for 1 year. Wing color will be preferred color.


40 cm Pipe Door Handle

40 cm Satin Arm

55 cm Satin Arm

60 cm Tips Are Chrome

60 cm Curved Arm

Aksu Ring Taktak 900×900

Condi Arm With A Badge

Discovery Condi Arm With a Badge

İmaj Taktak

Mobaks Taktak Satin

Mobax Taktak Chrome

Radius Lance Pulling Arm


Hook Lock Systems

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